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This week at VUXE


This week at VUXE



Since our last update, we’ve been working on bringing user Profiles and Job Listings to the app. In other words, we’re starting on the core of our product! We will shortly release a version of our app that allows you to view possible jobs we have on offer.
We’ve added the ability to add Experiences to your profile, so you can build up your CV without getting a template and spending hours perfecting the fonts and layout, and deciding if your job at the ice cream shop counts to put on it. 
Here, we show several categories of job and we have a pre-made description template for the job which you can fill in with your details. The templates are different for each type of job and are tailored to the industry. We want to make finding a job as easy as possible for you, and knowing about your experiences will enable us to find you your perfect job!

We are hoping to have a workable MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in Glasgow by the 5th of December this year, and are aiming to trial our product out with early adopting businesses and workers.

Next we will turn our attention to job applications, and the process of getting you the job you want. Stay tuned, VUXE is coming soon!

Interested in using our platform? Head to the VUXE Signup and we will contact you when our platform is ready to use. We’re hard at work to bring you an on-demand jobs platform you can trust!