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Have you ever wanted to work for an early stage start-up with the potential to disrupt an industry? Do you have software development skills and a willingness to learn? A career at VUXE could be for you!

At VUXE, we believe everyone should be able to work when they want to, for whom they want and earn a decent salary. Our platform will give students and professionals alike the flexibility of being able to find short-term work at short-notice. We also believe businesses should have access to a workforce available when they need more staff to cover shifts or to cope with increased demand. We need some help to make our product great, and we need a passionate software engineer to join our team.

Working as a software engineer for VUXE, you would be given significant ownership of the codebase, and the opportunity to work with exciting technologies like React and React Native with GraphQL, Python, Heroku and AWS. You would develop a strong foundation in full-stack software engineering, developing professional, scalable web and mobile applications, and developing your skills in test-driven development, software architecture and overall knowledge of the internet economy.

We’re looking for the type of person who is able to learn new technologies and skills quickly, therefore any base-level knowledge of software development is acceptable. That being said, the ideal candidate would have:

  • 2 or more years of software development experience (professional or educational)
  • A strong grasp of Python, preferably focused on web frameworks such as Django
  • Experience with JavaScript; with React and React Native highly desirable!
  • A basic understanding of web engineering – HTTP, REST APIs; any experience with GraphQL is especially desirable!
  • A strong understanding of Git and some experience with continuous integration

We are looking for someone who is prepared to “jump in at the deep end” and learn along the way. We will offer access to our bank of training courses to help solidify any required knowledge, and are committed to supporting your development as an engineer. When you interview with us, you won’t be asked ludicrous algorithmics questions or hackerrank coding tests marked out of 100 – we are much more interested in well-rounded engineers who are able to adapt, problem-solve and think in an agile manner.

As working flexibly is one of our core beliefs, this flexibility extends to our own employees too – you would be able to work a four-day week and to work remotely from wherever would suit you best (this could be other countries in similar time zones). There may occasionally be a requirement for co-located work, but this would be an exception rather than the rule.

At VUXE, you would not only gain insights into how a company’s technology can be built from the ground up, but you would be connected with a startup with huge potential for success, which could ultimately mean huge potential for you and your career.

Interested in joining us on our journey? Please submit your CV to [email protected]