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This week at VUXE


This week at VUXE





At VUXE we believe in transparency. We want to keep you, our users, in the loop and we want to acknowledge our third party providers that are helping us build and iterate on our platform.
This week at VUXE, we got through several important pieces of work that will both make your experience of our website better and enable the development of our app to progress.


We made several changes to the website, such as a custom 404 page and a feedback form to allow you to tell us what you think of our idea, our product or website. We’re open to suggestions and criticisms and are committed to taking on board what you, our users, have to say.

We migrated our Website to use – a new managed wordpress hosting platform by Krystal. The platform is bleeding edge, and uses web and object caches in-built to improve site performance. It’s also container-based, therefore allows the site to scale easily. Our website is ready to take any and all of the growth we will have, from day one. Krystal’s support have also been excellent in on-boarding us to the platform.


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We have migrated our DNS to to enable their Content Delivery Network (CDN) on our website. This means that a copy of our website can be kept near you wherever you are so you can load it much faster. If we make a change, CloudFlare can determine when we have made this change and updates it’s copies. It also gives us many other benefits such as easier management of DNS, increased security from a web application firewall, and offers DDoS protection if we ever were to be in a situation where our site was subject to a DDoS attack.
Whilst we have now restored normal operation, the word “migration” always touches a nerve, as they almost never go smoothly. This was the case, as there were several DNS records that did not migrate, including that of the e-mail server, which meant that sending/receiving emails was temporarily affected. The problem was identified and promptly fixed, however it served as a strong reminder to proceed with extreme caution when making DNS changes.
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Our app would be useless without being able to log in. It would also be an absolute pain to use if you had to enter a password every time, when the industry now allows “Social Sign-On” as a standard option, using Google or Facebook login. 
However, that’s not to say there won’t be a new leader that you, our users, would prefer in future. In order to be able to “hot-swap” login providers, we have decided to use to manage our Authentication. Auth0 is a flexible platform that scales from small businesses all the way up to large enterprises, and puts users first. 
Auth0 makes sign-in more secure by handing over the hard bits to their experienced engineers. This means we never store your password and that means that, in the worst case, if we were hacked or compromised, then passwords would not be leaked. 
At present, we have managed to get our Auth0 login flow working for Facebook login as well as username/password logins. We will release a new version of our app at the end of next week that has these sign-in features, as well as more of our registration process and viewing your profile.
Interested in using our platform? Head to and we will contact you when our platform is ready to use. We’re hard at work to bring you an on-demand jobs platform you can trust!