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about vuxe



At VUXE, we believe that everyone should be empowered to work flexibly. We believe in job fulfilment and are happiest when people have the ability to provide for themselves sustainably. As a result, we operate an on-demand jobs platform which allows people to find a job they love, to work when they want to and to be paid quickly, by using our mobile app.

When listing jobs on VUXE, our partners get access to a dynamic workforce when they need the extra help. VUXE offloads the burden of checking their temporary staff’s identity, right to work and fitness for the task. This saves our partners time and allows them to focus on what matters most – keeping their customers happy!

By removing the friction from the process of recruitment and work, VUXE aims to revolutionise how the world works – literally! This involves using technologies developed in-house such as location tracking, next-day payment and intelligent job-matching algorithms. These technologies allow short-term jobs to be posted and fulfilled with ease and speed, yet with the professionalism and rigour required for an effective recruitment process.

This is a shift in paradigm for businesses and workers alike. By being open to rotating temporary staff, businesses can augment their existing workforce with a variety of skills, backgrounds and experiences. We believe that this impact is applicable to many industries, but mainly hospitality, events, logistics and entertainment.

To join us on our journey, download the VUXE app today!