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VUXE is an on-demand job platform which provides just about anybody a chance to work flexibly and earn a sustainable income quickly. We believe that given the opportunity, anyone can excel at their work. In an ideal world, every worker is empowered to choose positions at companies for which they are a great fit, as opposed to being selected for jobs based on incomplete resumes and irrelevant interviews. And they can make choices flexibly, around their priorities.

To make this happen,  we are building a platform which makes it possible for all VUXERS to entirely rely on their time management, flexibility and eager to work to find suitable jobs at a moments notice. A platform where their ability to complete each work assignment determine how often they will be for future work. We believe this gives everyone an opportunity to prove themselves on the job. Our platform is really about providing everyone with an option to chose where to work, for whom and to an extent determine their income too. 

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Our Story

VUXE became a thing because as a university student I had a part-time job as a Retail Assistant for Hugo Boss. However, struggling having just been diagnosed with anxiety, I realised some days are more difficult than others. In my more difficult days, I would like to stay at home or do whatever helps to calm my nerves. But this is not the way contracted working hours work, so I started looking for other fun jobs to do and be paid to do them. I wanted to have the option to work if I have the mental capacity to work or chill if I choose to without having to call my store manager to get a day off. 


At this point, a friend told me to join a staffing agency, although it was fun because I choose what jobs I want to do, sometimes, the salary is delayed or not even paid at all. I started thinking something could be better than this and uber had only just arrived in Glasgow. I pitched my idea to a friend that the app will be similar to uber but more like “uber for casual work” and today we are glad to connect hundreds of people with casual work they are passionate about. 



Our Value to the local community

As a company, VUXE will have an outstanding economic impact in each city it is found. It would help facilitate the active connection between businesses and job seekers as this will help both parties benefit from each other in a more robust way than other traditional agencies.
Our business model bridges the gap in the short term employment market, and as a result, VUXE will be beneficial to the economy because it keeps people employed and reduces their need for support from the local councils. Since there is strong evidence for consistent demand in the segment VUXE operates in, we believe that the service we are going to provide will be sustainable.


Elvis Nweke

Elvis Nweke

Founder / CEO

From a very young age I have been a curious and imaginative person, often called the dreamy boy at school because of the way I would come up with a story in my head and communicate them quite vividly to my schoolmate as if they were real. 
My name is Elvis, and I am the founder of VUXE. I am a recent graduate of the reputable University of Glasgow, achieving Honours in Politics.  My leadership skill is direct, personable and focused. Employing this leadership skill in my most recent full-time employment, I have led a team of sales people to achieve the highest-ranking sales figures for Oculus, Facebook’s virtual reality headset back in 2016.
In my personal life, I enjoy impossible challenges. I am currently working towards obtaining a flying license even though I am terrified of heights.
Patrick Menlove

Patrick Menlove

Co-founder / CTO

Building things and figuring out how things work has always been my passion. When I was just eleven years old I discovered computer programming and ever since I have dreamed of creating software with lasting, tangible influence on people’s lives. When I met Elvis and he pitched me the idea of VUXE, I was instantly convinced of the impact we could make on how people work. I personally believe that flexible work will one day become a basic right in the way we currently consider a minimum wage.


My job is to deliver on and oversee the technical execution of our strategy, to create our product and to guide and support our engineers. I enjoy solving challenging problems, and I feel passionate about making the VUXE dream a reality.


Jordan Dey

Jordan Dey

Web Designer and Software Engineer

I am a jack of all trades and have experience working in a wide range of areas including recruitment, sales, sports coaching and spent some time in the merchant navy. More recently, I became a Web Designer and have a vested interest in technology. I’m currently perfecting my skills in JavaScript and React Native in order to write mobile applications. I created the VUXE website and design, and have been advising the team on design and style for all of VUXE’s products and offerings.

I have known Elvis for many years and have helped him to realise his designs and ideas. I am usually the mediator in the team if there is a divergence of ideas, especially when it comes to design.









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Could this be you?

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